Auggie Velarde Is Helping Pave the Way for Future Peruvian Artists 

Moving to a new country can often be one of the most challenging transitions of one’s life. The cultural change, the people, the food, and the language can all impact you and make it a rather challenging task to fit into the new environment. In most cases, due to these facts, people often tend to find comfort in a job or everyday life where they can save up some money and live a peaceful life. 

This can be fulfilling for many; however, some people want more, and this transition may become an obstacle for them. Auggie Velarde’s situation was similar. Auggie is now a Peruvian-American singer-songwriter with some incredible achievements already under his belt. He climbed the ladder to success even higher and didn’t let the immigration process stop him from succeeding in life. 

To start off with, Velarde was born in Peru. He moved to the United States with his family when he was young. Immigrating can be challenging for fully-grown adults and even more so for a young child. 

As Velarde grew up, he started to feel inclined more and more towards the art of making music. However, unfortunately, it was discouraged due to his surroundings and family, and Velarde had to resort to a double life. He started taking an interest in computers, which started from music as well. Computers allowed Velarde to make music, and they intrigued him. While he was going down this path, he started to learn how to code and ended up becoming a software engineer. 

Velarde mentions that people like himself who love the arts, such as music, will relate to his “double life” meaning. Where you have to have a career that everyone approves of but at the same time, you carry on doing what drives you, what you love most. Velarde compares this to a “Hannah Montana” situation and mentions that this scenario is more common than anyone might think. 

Velarde is not short of some incredible life achievements; he was the recipient of the TUMI USA Award in 2018, recognizing Peruvian immigrants and their tireless efforts to overcome difficult changes in life while still showing incredible success. He is the winner of the Summer League Final Tournament of 2019.

Velarde was also recently featured as the cover of “Trap del Sur” by TIDAL. His showcase of achievements carries on; Velarde was also featured on SoundCloud’s home page as a selected artist for LatinX Month. 

When talking about difficult moments and words of advice, Velarde says that cutting off toxic people, quitting his job, and breaking bad habits to go above and beyond in the pursuit of happiness was very difficult but perhaps the best decision he had taken. Velarde also wants to let people know that even though people around you might not understand you or your dreams, you don’t have to give into that. Have faith in yourself and carry on; you’ll make it. 

With a great deal of support from services such as TIDAL, Deezer, and SoundCloud for his latest releases such as “Asi Es,” “Errores,” “Otro Nivel,” and others, Velarde is set to find international success while inspiring many others to follow their dreams.